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Worldspace Search has a dedicated team of global professionals whose sole focus is recruiting for boards of directors.

Recognizing that the strongest element of an effective board is its composition, the global Board Services team presents candidates who possess the appropriate blend of knowledge, skill, attitude, experience and commitment.

Conducting a Board of Directors Search
Worldspace Search 's Board Services team follows a comprehensive, seven-step process (clickable to view the below 7 steps) to conduct a board of directors search, ensuring the proper fit between candidate and client.

Step 1: Discuss with client and determine the specification for the search

Step 2: Determine target organizations most likely to have individuals who meet the specification

Step 3: Identify individuals who appear to have desired qualifications

Step 4: Review backgrounds with client to select candidates for further consideration

Step 5: Contact possible candidates in accordance with client preference ranking

Step 6: Schedule meeting between clients and candidates

Step 7: Extend offer

Executive Search is the foundation of Worldspace Search 's leadership position in the human capital industry. Worldspace Search has worked closely with candidates and clients in conducting senior-level searches worldwide.

Worldspace Search consultants global candidate's network and time-proven search process to provide the highest level of service in the industry today. Every year, our clients benefit from our consultants' commitment to quality and unparalleled industry, functional and regional expertise.

Worldspace Search consultants approach each executive search assignment with a consistent, time-tested, five-step process (clickable you see the below 5 steps), derived from the experience recruiting senior-level candidates.

Step 1: Define Objectives and Specifications
• Ensure understanding of client's business and culture,
• Obtain client consensus on position's scope and responsibilities, compensation package, reporting relationships and profile of the desired executive
• Develop the search plan
• Review and get feedback on the search plan with client
Step 2: Identify and Assess Candidates
• Identify and confirm target sources using proprietary database and network of contacts
• Identify candidates, including internal ones as appropriate
• Screen and evaluate candidates
• Narrow list of candidates
• Prepare background profiles
• Review profiles with client
• Feedback from client
Step 3: Interviews
• Facilitate client interviews of candidate
• Obtain feedback from client and candidate
• Conduct reference checks
• Prepare detailed profiles and evaluation reports on each candidate's strengths and weaknesses
• Select finalists to be interviewed
• Feedback from client and candidates
Step 4: Select Executive
• Conduct finalist interviews
• Negotiate salary and benefits
• Feedback
Step 5: Follow Up
• Ensure smooth transition and assimilation for executive
• Ensure client satisfaction
• Feedback


Worldspace is a high-performance global provider of innovative, scalable recruitment and people solutions. We are leader in outsourced recruitment for middle management professionals.

Worldspace provides customized recruitment solutions to employers and offers candidates access to exclusive job opportunities around the world.

Companies worldwide from every major industry turn to Worldspace for help attracting the highest quality mid-level talent. From filling an individual position to high-volume hires, Worldspace helps companies remain competitive in this increasingly challenging marketplace.

Worldspace’s recruitment solutions include: Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Project Recruitment, and Mid-Level Recruitment.

• Job Descriptions Development.
• Benchmarking Designations.
• KRA’s Development.
• Consulting the Consultants

• Database Management.
• Recruitment Data Automation.
• Website Data Management.
• Consultant Data Duplicacy Trackers Automation.
• Position Trackers Automation.